Alotel offers a wide choice of PMS & PES in its catalog. Equip your establishment with the management software best suited to your business.

A PMS allows hoteliers to create customer-centered experience

A Property Management System (PMS) is an interface that allows  hoteliers to manage receptions, reservations, arrivals and departures as well as the pricing of the rooms. A PMS solution is a powerfull toll that. replaces manual processes such as taking notes on paper or using spreadsheets.

The possibilities offered by a PMS have evolved, and more and more innovative functionalities are enhancing  the services far beyond the reception functions.

The PMS is a real business tool, allowing hotels to offer the best experience to their customers. Thus, it guarantees the proper functioning of the following areas:

  • Bar and catering management
  • Team management ( care and maintenance)
  • Event management ( seminar and group event)
  • The calculation of the room price ( depending on the occupancy rate and other factors )
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