Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for information? Here are the answers to the main questions you can ask yourself. We did not answer your question? CONTACT US we will be able to answer it directly.

Can I keep my current phone numbers ?

Yes you can keep your phone numbers, it is even recommended. The procedure is simple, we will carry out the portability of your numbers. All you need to do is send us your last invoice to complete your administrative file. You can also request the creation of new numbers.

What about emergency numbers once I have switched to the Alotel solution ?

Fortunately, yes you have access to the various emergency numbers ( 15,17,18,112…).

I have different SDA slots, can I keep them ?

Yes we will be able to carry all of your numbers.

I have SIP IP. Extensions, can I keep them ?

Yes , we know how to take back almost all SIP sets on the market. You just need to give us the model to get a quick answer.

Can I administer my telephony services ?

Yes you have full access to the administration of your solution, subject to prior training.

Do I absolutely need a pre-hook and multilingual IVR ?

It is absolutely possible to set up a pre-hook and a multilingual IVR, this service is included in the FMS ( commissioning fees)

Detailed billing for communications ?

You will receive details of your outgoing communications with your monthly invoice.

Is it possible to record communications ?

Yes, it will be entirely possible to record communications by phone number or by extension. You just have to comply with the relevant legislation.

I want to be able to program manual or automatic forwarding to internal or external numbers ?

This is a basic functionality in our offer.

What about installing a doorman without videophone ?

At Alotel, we know how to connect any gatekeeper as long as it is SIP.

I have a FAX with a dedicated number, can I keep it? Yes, you will be able to keep your fax as well as its associated number, we will only need to install an Analog/ IP connector at the price of 0,50 € / month.

What happens if my internet connection is lost ?

This is one of the biggest advantage of the Alotel solution

In case of failure, we can route calls in real time to your reception on the mobile phone of your choice.

Employees that have the mobility application installed on their smartphone equipped with a GSM chip will continue to receive and make their calls. You can also opt for an internet or SDSL access dedicated to your telephone traffic.

Will there be an interruption of service when switching to the Alotel solution ?

Yes, portability will result in a service interruption of up to half an hour

I would like to keep my current analog sets ?

You can totally choose to keep your analog sets currently in service, we will only install IP/ Analog gateways of various density (2,4,8,16,24 ports) in your hotel for this purpose. The rental fee of these gateways will be included in the contract, at the price of 0,50 € per port used per month.

The cabling of my hotel does not meet the standard of IP telephony, could I still benefit from the Alotel solution ?

Yes it will be totally possible to drive your analog phones back to your rooms.

Also, the laying of new cables for reception and back office stations etc… remain possible.

You will be able to fully enjoy our solution through our mobility and collaboration solution if necessary. Solftphone and or application on tablet and smartphone.

How long will the contractuel engagement be ?

At Alotel we ask you to commit to a minimum of 12 months.

Can I use my landline from outside my hotel ?

Yes, thanks to our desktop mobility and collaboration application, you can use your landline from anywhere in the world and access all switchboard features, including unlimited calling.

Find all the features of your switchboard on your computer or smartphone.

Can we have call statistics ?

Yes, our solution will natively provide you with calls statistics.

I have a customer reservation center, are ACD functionalities available ?

Yes, we know how to offer contact center features, contact our sales department in order to get a quote.

Are there WIFI phones ?

We have WI-FI IP stations, very practical for areas that do not have computer outlets.

Do I have to take out a maintenance contract in addition to my subscription ?

No, at Alotel, outsourcing and maintenance are included as standard with monthly subscription. Unlimited access to our customer support center is guaranteed.

Can I get European numbers to facilitate my reservations ?

At Alotel, we know how to provide you with numbers regardless of the European country concerned. Calls will be routed directly to your French number and callers could even be greeted by IVR in their language.