Frequently Asked Questions

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How does a video surveillance solution work?

The solutions offered by Alotel relate exclusively to IP video surveillance. 

These are network products that allow you to view live what is happening in your hotel. You can keep your recordings using an NVR (recorder). 

What are the advantages of installing a video surveillance solution?

Video surveillance is security equipment that aims to protect property and people. 

Video surveillance also has a deterrent role and makes it possible to provide evidence in the event of an incident. 

Where can video surveillance cameras be installed?

Cameras can be installed at the entrances and exits of buildings; emergency exits and traffic lanes. They can also film areas where goods or valuable goods are stored. 

Cameras must not film employees on their workstations, except in special circumstances (employee handling money, for example, but the camera must film the cash register more than the cashier. This also applies to warehouse areas storing valuable goods in which handlers work). 

How long are surveillance videos kept?

The company must define the retention period of images from the cameras. 

This duration must not exceed one month and must be related to the objective of video surveillance. In general, keeping the images for a few days is sufficient, except in exceptional circumstances (perform the necessary checks in the event of an incident and to initiate possible disciplinary or criminal proceedings). If such procedures are initiated, the images are then extracted from the device (after recording this operation in a specific specification) and kept for the duration of the procedure. 

The maximum retention period of images must not be set based solely on the storage capacity of the recorder. 

Are there WIFI video surveillance cameras?

You do not have a wiring point, or you are having difficulty pulling new computer cables, don’t panic, there is a wide range of IP cameras running on WIFI. 

How do I choose my video surveillance solution?

It all depends on your need. Many elements are involved in the choice of a camera including its location (interior or exterior), the features it includes, its design and resolution. Alotel accompanies you in choosing the right cameras and the right video surveillance system. 

Do IP and NVR cameras require software updates?

No, as a rule, they are passive equipment, they can nevertheless break down over time, take out a maintenance contract and often very useful. 

What information should you share with your employees?

The purposes of the installed processing; the retention period of the images; The name or quality and telephone number of the data protection officer; the existence of “Informatics & Liberties” rights; the right to lodge a complaint with the National Commission for Informatics and Liberties (CNIL), specifying its contact details. 

Employees and visitors must be informed through signs permanently displayed and visible to everyone that the place is placed under video surveillance. 

How to choose the best location for an IP camera?

It is important to choose the areas you want to monitor and identify mandatory crossing points.  

It is not systematically wise to grid the entire establishment but rather to position the video surveillance system so that it scans strategic locations. 

What is the difference between WIFI and non-WIFI IP cameras?

The main difference is that a non-WIFI camera requires RJ45 connectivity.