Frequently Asked Questions

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My establishment offers WIFI access, do I have any legal constraints?

As soon as you offer WIFI access to your customers, you will be subject to the legislation in force, namely: 

  1. Internet use in accordance with the law 
  2. Protection of personal data 

Hotels and restaurants are subject to the legislation specified in the Daily Security Act 2001 as well as the Anti-Terrorism Act 2006 and Act No. 2009-1311 on the Criminal Protection of Literary and Artistic Property on the Internet, known as “HADOPI 2”. Ultimately, establishments offering public WIFI access to their customers are subject to a series of legal constraints defined below: 

  1. Anti-Terrorism Law Decree 2006-358 
  2. Hadopi Law n°2009-669: against illegal downloading 
  3. Intellectual Protection Code (L331) 
  4. Law on the Protection of Minors (Art. 227) 
  5. GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation n°2016/679 
  6. Data Protection Act 

In any case you must be able to provide to any person authorized by law, and this for a period of 1 year after the fact: 

  1. The MAC addresses of all equipment that have had access to the WIFI of the establishment, 
  2. The date, time and duration of each communication, 
  3. Technical information to identify the user by his connection logs (IP addresses …) and, 
  4. Technical information to identify the recipient(s) of the communication. 

Any breach of its obligations exposes you to financial or even criminal penalties. Among other things, any breach of the obligation to retain data exposes the person to whom this obligation is incumbent to the penalties referred to in Article L. 39-3 of the CPCE, i.e. one year’s imprisonment and a fine of 75,000 euros for natural persons, and 375,000 euros for legal persons (pursuant to Article 131-38 of the Penal Code). 

The range of Public Internet Access Management products, offered by BJS PERFORMANCE, is the ideal solution for all types of structures wishing to set up public Internet access with simplified use for users. A wide range of scalable, reliable and robust very wide (to markets such as: public hotspot, hotels, town halls, hospitals, training, meeting rooms …)

To meet each constraint: a great simplicity of use and installation adapted to all your constraints, a single product for compliance with legislation. 

Are there outdoor WIFI terminals?

Yes, Alotel has in its catalog of external Wifi terminal, highly resistant to temperatures and humidity. However, the installation of a waterproof enclosure is highly recommended. 

Should there be a regulatory distance between the terminals?

Yes, the performance of a Wifi network is based, among other things, on the geographical layout of your WIFI terminals. Our analysis tool is there to help you size your WIFI coverage. 

Are my customers complaining about poor connections or slowness?

The Alotel solution offers as standard a proactive active supervision of your WIFI installation, you will most likely be informed of malfunction before your customers. 

Is a "guest" WIFI recommended?

Yes, it is highly recommended to segment Wifi access by allowing guests to connect to a guest WIFI. This segmentation will allow you to guard against any malicious action and will also allow you to reserve bandwidth for your customers. 

Providing a professional solution is therefore essential. 

My WIFI terminals must not be apparent, is this a problem?

No, it is quite possible to comply with your requirements by making your WIFI terminals disappear in the elements of the décor. A specific site visit will be arranged accordingly. 

Are you able to renew my existing WIFI terminals on your solution?

It is very likely that we will have to change it to guarantee you the maximum service.