Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for information? Here are the answers to the main questions you can ask yourself. We did not answer your question? CONTACT US we will be able to answer it directly.

How do I test my internet connection?

There are different Internet bandwidth analysis tools, for a quick and reliable test we recommend the following site: it will give you real-time indications on your traffic going down and up in Mbps. 

Is the back-up 4G router really useful?

The 4G router can be a very useful tool in the case of a prolonged failure of your Internet access. Generally offered, if not, you will find it very cheap, it can save your day.  

A thoughtful installation of the latter on your infrastructure will allow you to enjoy it more quickly if necessary. 

Can we use the same Internet access for all services, Internet, Wifi, Cloud Telephony, PMS Cloud...?

Yes, you can use the same Internet access for all your services without any problem with the exception of ADSL access that is much too limited in bandwidth. 

How do I test my WiFi coverage?

You can use the Speedtest app on android or Apple store to test your Wifi access. 

We invite you to place yourself in different places of your hotel to launch the test. In this way it will be easier for you to determine the areas poorly covered or not at all covered by your Wifi network. 

My address is not eligible for Fiber but only for ADSL, how do I do it?

If you are not eligible for fiber but at least ADSL, you can opt for an SDSL connection up to 16Mbit with symmetrical and guaranteed speed. 

Unlike ADSL, SDSL offers a symmetrical speed ranging from 512 Kbps to 16 Mbps: the downstream speed is identical to the upload speed. This type of Internet access allows more substantial exchanges of data: large files, application or software updates, videoconferences, etc.  
In addition to being symmetrical, the throughput of our SDSL access is 100% guaranteed : a bandwidth is guaranteed to guarantee the fluidity of your data flow. As with ADSL access, EFM technology is used primarily for all SDSL links. 

Do I have the possibility to choose the Internet operator through Alotel?

Yes, Alotel is able to offer you all the offers available at your address. If you have a preference for one operator over another, you will just have to tell us.